Dominique Fishback’s Spiritual Belief


She was one of the Struggling actresses in the industry who manifested her dream team. Dominique Fishback manifested her role in the Transformer franchise. She has worked side by side with Jamie Foxx. She previously worked in Swarm. She received an Emmy for her outstanding performance in that.

Now she is manifested in the role as the female lead in The Transformer Rise Of The Beast.

It launched in the theatres on 9th June. They had a premiere in New York. Which is her neighborhood. Her ideal was Shia LeBeouf. She grew up watching him. She was inspired by him, which landed her in the acting field.

Dominique Fishback Wanted To Provide Peace To Her Family

The neighborhood she grew up in, wasn’t exactly what she was aiming for.

Dominique Fishback grew up in Brooklyn. The neighborhood was not the right kind. It was not the perfect fit for her career. She knew she had to leave her comfortzone in order to excel in her career.

Landing in The Transformer franchise was both her manifestation and divine timing. She is a firm believer in creating her own destiny.

Only a person truly wants can create their life the way they want. 

Shia LeBeouf has gone from a tv star to a megastar of the Transformer. It was an eye-opener for her indeed. She chose to be like him. She said in an interview that she knew she had to do something like him.

Dominique Fishback studied theatre at Pace University.

Her first break was at the HBO mini-series Show Me A Hero. It was back in 2015.

She now lives in los angeles. She said she just trusted her intuition and the process she was in. She does journaling every day to keep track of her life. Journaling led her to manifest everything she wanted.