Don Lemon Claims That Being Upset About CNN’s Termination Is “Not In My Nature.”

Don Lemon

Don Lemon, who was abruptly fired from CNN this week, insists he’s not upset.

At the event of TIME 100 on the night of Wednesday, the 57-year-old journalist exclusively revealed that it was not in his nature to hold grudges. Don Lemon asserted that he is no more in shock despite having tweeted that he felt stunned at this sudden situation. He also added that he as a person was very resilient.

Lemon paid tribute to his future spouse while at the famous gala with his would-be husband, Tim Malone. He pointed at Malone and said that he had individuals around him who adore him and make it easier to deal with any problem. The author of “Transparent” is upbeat about his unstable prospects.

Don Lemon Is Hopeful About The Unknown Prospects Of An Upcoming Future

He said that his emotions were up and that he was there to honor the individuals from the event and not discuss his life and all that had happened to him. About his uncertain future, he simply said that he shall see where things go. Don Lemon posted a message on Twitter this Monday announcing his firing.

He wrote in the post that his agency had informed him that morning that he had been fired by the CNN network and that he was in awe because of the unexpected news, especially since he had given the network more than 15 years of his life. He further said that no indication had been received regarding the termination and that there were some more significant issues at hand.

The “Don Lemon Tonight” host was embroiled in a controversy of sexism this year when he asserted on live TV that Nikki Haley, a woman, aged 51, running for president, wasn’t at her peak age. For his comment, he later apologized and added that he was not only sorry but also trying to learn.