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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Donald Trump Reported To Stage A Fantastic Return To Social Media 

Former President Donald Trump is rumored to return to social media. One of his closest advisors, Jason Miller said on a podcast that Trump’s return is imminent. He also added that it will be extremely exciting and will possibly change the current trend in many social media platforms.

Donald Trump’s Tussle With Social Media

Recently, there have been a few social media sites that have come up as far-right friendly, Gab being one of them. As far as the existing major sites go, Miller admits that Trump’s ban on them remains as it were. Furthermore, it is also unlikely that he will be invited back on them in the future.

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Miller added that Trump is willing to explore all options. However, he stated that the owners of Facebook and Twitter have little chance of changing their minds. They are also waiting for a review on Facebook by his advisory board.

Donald Trump had found his accounts banned during the Capitol Riots. After weeks of false allegations and claims about how the elections were rigged, Trump had continued to fan the flames. He had even posted a further inciting video while the Riot was ongoing and the rioters were ransacking Capitol Hill. This had led many of his followers disappointed and his accounts flagged as too inappropriate for the mediums.

However, Miller went on to say that the lack of social media is possibly proving to be more effective in reaching people. Allegedly, he has been in discussion with the former President about how the current erratic schedule of press conferences has been getting more attention than his social media posts.

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Donald Trump has mostly stayed out of the spotlight in recent times. He and most of his family are now based in Florida. He has issued quite a few statements from his new office in the city. In one such statement, there is a mention of him running for the presidency for the third time in 2024.

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