Zoe Lofgren Releases Report Suggesting Republican Collusion In The Capitol Riots

Zoe Lofgren
Zoe Lofgren

In the aftermath of the infamous Capitol Riots, a nearly 2000 page report has been released by Zoe Lofgren. The report, by the Democratic representative, is a record of the social media activity of the Republican representatives that had voted to overrule the recent election results. It is by no means a confidential report. However, the incident is a sign of the distrust that has manifested on the floor.

The connection of the Trump supporters present at the Capitol Riots with Congress members is already under heavy scrutiny. Federal investigative agencies are reportedly coming to a conclusion on the proceedings. The result will be expected to shed light on the degree of cooperation the Rioters had received from those inside the House.

Zoe Lofgren Intends To Dole Out Strict Punishment

Zoe Lofgren currently serves as the chairman of the House Administration Committee. The Democrat from California has reiterated how important it is that such acts, should they be proven, are to be heavily punished. To that extent, she decided to lay bare the social media activity of the Members who had supported Trump throughout. She says, that Trump’s ability to spread lies is well known by now. However, it must be investigated whether his compatriots inside the House were an aid to the act.

Capitol Hill, once thought to have been one of the most highly protected places, is now surrounded by protective guards and doorways. After the event took place, Nancy Pelosi was one of the first Democrats to voice her suspicion of her Republican colleagues. Zoe Lofgren has similarly stated that any such person found guilty of colluding with the Rioters would be equally guilty of trampling the American democracy.

The report contains the tweets of Paul Gosar, the Arizona Representative. It also shows many posts where Gosar is seen referencing Ali Alexander. Ali has repeatedly proclaimed to have been the mastermind of the riots, with the help of Gosar and two others, Mo Brooks and Andy Briggs. All three of them are notable Republican House members.