Drew Barrymore Discusses Her Mother’s Complicated Relationship: Says She Wants Her To Feel Happy

Drew Barrymore

Insight into Drew Barrymore’s troubled connection with her mom, Jaid Barrymore, is being provided. After gaining independence from Jaid as well as her dad John, Barrymore when she was 14 years of age, Drew Barrymore, 48, stated in a recent Vulture feature that she would “never stop caring” for her mother. Regarding her NYC neighbors, Barrymore said that even when everyone else’s mothers were one, her’s was still around. She doesn’t have the luxury, she says, but she does not wish to be in a situation where she has to hope for someone’s demise for her benefit.

The talk show presenter/actress said that she truly wants her mother to feel happy and healthy. As per previous media reports, Drew Barrymore still assists her mother, Jaid financially. 

Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Mother 

Barrymore made it clear in the interview that she wasn’t intending her mother any harm. She said to the source that she ventured to speak about it and she did not feel good about it. She still cared for her mother and she always will. She further added that she did not know if she will ever be able to cut her off entirely.

When asked about her connection with Jaid afterward, Drew Barrymore contacted the reporter and said that she had texted her mother on her birthday who had told her how proud she was of her daughter and that she loved her. “You go back to being small when your mother says she adores you,” she continued. “And the finest moment I’ve ever heard her declare that she loves me is when I’m being honest and true with her.”, said Drew Barrymore

To improve her connection with Jaid, the actress admitted to the media that she contacts her mom and made a blog post on Mother’s Day in May.