Drew Barrymore Has Set The Tone For Kindness

drew barrymore

Dissing ex was set in stone. Drew Barrymore has changed it. She and Justin Long parted ways long ago. He recently got engaged to his newfound love Kate Bosworth. Barrymore wished them all the best for their future.

Recently Kate Bosworth was a guest on Barrymore’s talk show. Both of them appreciated each other and they only had respect for each other. Justin Long was a very good friend of hers before becoming her boyfriend. However, things didn’t work out the way they wanted. They remained friends.

Love And Respect Didn’t Die Even After Parting Ways With Drew Barrymore

Kate Bosworth was invited to Drew Barrymore’s talk show. She started introducing her to the audience apart from how great of an actress Kate Bosworth is. They share a special someone. Justin Long dated Drew Barrymore for a long time. Perhaps due to certain issues, they parted ways.

Kate Bosworth shared how she told her fiance, Justin Long, to come to Barrymore’s show. Kate Bosworth also mentioned how she still loves and respects Barrymore now. Last year Justin Long was the guest at Barrymore’s talk show. Kate proved to be a supportive life partner.

Justin Long asked her before coming to Drew Barrymore’s show. Kate was more excited than Long himself. This time Drew Barrymore mentioned how they are the best couple she knows. Barrymore was part of the tornado in Justin Long’s life. They experienced everything together.

They grew together. Last September, the day Justin Long appeared on the show was probably the most emotional episode of all time. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long shared how much they still love each other and will continue to do so. They dated from 2007 to 2010, and later in 2012 Barrymore got married to Will Kopelman. She is now a mother of two. She shares them with Will. They got divorced in 2016.