Savannah Chrisley Chose Responsibility Over Need

savannah chrisley

A few days ago she expressed her hectic schedule with her brother and niece. When Todd And Julie Chrisley surrendered themselves. They made Savannah Chrisley, their son’s guardian, and Savannah’s niece Chloe.

She is 25 years old. She is trying to figure out her life. And already the responsibility has come down to her. So far she is loving it. However, there are consequences. She is going to be held responsible for their choices. She is in charge of their lives and decisions. In March she started seeing someone but recently called it quits due to her extremely busy schedule. She has said that previously if anyone wants to date her he will have to bear her two children.

Right Person Wrong Timing Isn’t A Myth,  Evident Savannah Chrisley 

Savannah Chrisley became the mom of two teenagers overnight. Her parents were charged guilty of tax evasion. Both of them had to surrender to imprisonment for 17 years. They surrendered on 17th January this year. They could meet their father easily but their mom not so easily.

Julie Chrisley is in Kentucky. The timing is not right for the Chrisley family perhaps. Savannah Chrisley started seeing someone in March this year. That someone is country singer Nate Smith. Due to her busy and hectic schedule, they called it quits recently. She definitely regrets it however duty comes first.

She had so much fun with him, alas wrong time. Not only Savannah Chrisley who is suffering from trauma but the whole Chrisley family. She has so much respect for Nate. But couldn’t give it another try to make things work. Things are messy in her life right now. She cannot afford to pull him into the mess.

Savannah Chrisley mentioned she absolutely loves her brother and niece. But to be someone’s girlfriend she needs to be present in their life and support them. Nate Smith is a very understanding guy indeed but she couldn’t be present for them in ways a guy could have wanted. She always felt guilty for leaving the kids home. Without even giving birth to them Savannah Chrisley has become the perfect mother.