Robert De Niro Welcomed 7th Child 

robert de niro

He is 79 years old. Probably he has given birth to children every decade. Robert De Niro has become the father of seven children. His recently born baby with Tiffany Chen. They were out in the Big Apple with the little one. They both kept it a secret. The name and gender of the baby is still unknown to the world.

Taking the full use of summer together. The heavy traffic in New York City perhaps was too much for the newborn. Tiffany Chen was holding their baby in her arms. She held the baby close to her chest. Even after so much effort with oversized sunglasses and surgical masks, paparazzi spotted them.

Thrilling News Indeed For The People Close To Robert De Niro

Like his girlfriend Tiffany Chen, Robert De Niro kept the pregnancy secret. He is all about surprises and expanding his family. When asked if he was shocked by Tiffany Chen’s Pregnancy news. If he planned them at all or it was an accident?

Robert De Niro answered as he always does, he said no. It would be foolish of a man if he isn’t aware of what he is doing. He further said how one could not plan such a thing. Why would it be an accident in his late 70s? He was completely aware of what he was signing up for.

Kim Cattrall was working with Robert De Niro the whole time of his girlfriend’s pregnancy. They had no idea whatsoever. Moreover, they were thrilled to know about the baby. The seventh child of Robert De Niro’s was born last week. The baby’s mother was out in the Big Apple with an assistant.

The assistant was pushing the stroller while she held the baby close to her heart. Close ones of Robert shared how happy they were for him. Robert De Niro is a family guy and expanding his is family perhaps the best thing he could do.