Beyoncè And Renaissance World Tour 


Indeed a renaissance moment in the history of music. There is a reason why Beyoncè is called Queen Bey. She has set the tone of songs in the industry on a different level. There are few people who could possibly reach that bar.

Her kindness towards people is top-notch. During an award show, Taylor Swift was giving an acceptance speech when she was interrupted by Kanye West. Later when Queen Bey got up on stage she let Taylor Swift conclude her speech. Her voice is melodious. She herself is a melodious fan screams.

What Is  The Best Thing About Beyoncè Apart From Everything

Not only her voice but her sense of fashion is unique in the industry. Beyoncè’s renaissance tour resumed in Sweden. She begins her gig with Alexandra McQueen’s catsuit. This outfit is similar to what she wore in the 2009 I Am Tour.

Like everyone else, she changes her outfit throughout her performance on stage. She wore a white gown that flourished in multiple colors in the dark. The fans went crazy with the dope outfits she had. Beyoncè also wore custom-made silver courage. She paired it with open hair and black hand gloves and silver earrings.

She has made quite a number of designer friends who are a blessing in her life. At one point during her performance, Beyoncè legit became Queen Bey with a yellow and black striped dress. She had metal antennae to sing America has a problem.

One fan posted many videos of Beyoncè’s concert. She captioned it ‘baby is transitioning’. The fans were more excited than Queen Bey Herself was. January’s performance of Beyoncè in Dubai is the most controversial one. Given she wore a $7.5 million worth of diamond necklace. She performed at the Atlantis.