Elisabeth Moss Is Expecting Her First Child, And She Says, “It’s Been Going Well”

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss is going to have her first baby soon! On Tuesday night, the Handmaid’s Tale star revealed the news on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Jimmy Kimmel, the host, questioned 41-year-old Moss if she was pregnant or just an incredible method actor to start their chat. “A combination of both,” the Mad Men actor retorted. Elisabeth Moss continued, saying, “It’s been going well,” and that she has been “really lucky” during her pregnancy. She then sought counsel from Kimmel, 56. The comedian was reminded of counsel that Bill Murray had given him and his wife Molly McNearney while she was pregnant with one of their four children. “Because the room’s lighting is awful,” Kimmel remarked. “You don’t want this blessed thing that’s coming up to have lighting like that from Walmart.” Elisabeth Moss withheld other information, such as the due date of her child. The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian drama on Hulu that is based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, starring the actress. 

Elisabeth Moss Says The Handmaid’s Tale Has Been Her Most Fulfiling Project While Reflecting On The Horrors Of It

Creator and showrunner Bruce Miller said in a statement, “We are happy to present The Handmaid’s Tale’s final season to fans. Telling the narrative of Margaret Atwood’s pioneering novel and frighteningly current world has been a privilege.” According to Miller, “We are appreciative of our amazing fans for their continuous support, without which we could not have reached this stage. We are also thankful to Hulu and MGM for letting us tell this tale, which regrettably has stayed pertinent throughout its course.” Elisabeth Moss expressed to the media during the show’s season 5 finale FYC event in Los Angeles in November 2022 that she found it “horrifying” that the program had only grown in relevance since its premiere. “It’s terrible, it’s much more than worrying,” she remarked, describing the play as “the most creative, fulfilling experience of my life.”