Nathan Kress Kept Their Pregnancy All These Months, A Secret

nathan kress

iCarly stars Nathan Kress kept his wife’s third pregnancy a secret. And he has updated the fans recently via an Instagram post. Its baby boy, Lincoln William Kress, was born last week. And he has been busy with all the father and husband duties till the baby boy arrives. He already has two big sisters to take care of him. Nathan has posted many photos on Instagram mentioning his newborn’s name. And he is thanking his wife and praising her for always being a champ. His daughters are excited to welcome their baby brother and his dog, Penny.

Other Celebrity Friend Of Nathan Kress Showered Love

London Kress is a real champ; her husband couldn’t stop gushing about her. How strong she has been.

Nathan Kress welcomed his third child recently, shocking everyone. The social media was unaware of their third pregnancy. In the comment section, His castmates of iCarly showered love for the couple and the baby.

Nathan Kress has previously opened up about his experience of being a father. He learned the value of time now. He tries to give his time to their children. He never does anything requiring him to devalue or choose his wife over children.

Nathan Kress further shared that after getting married, welcoming children, and making a family. He has learned this every day. His time is not his own. This phase of his life requires an incredible amount of energy and investment. He doesn’t regret anything. He knows that time is required to make well-rounded children loving and kind. He needs to take care they have good morals and integrity.

Nathan Kress now prioritizes his own time as well, and he has learned the value of time and how precious it is. He believes everyone in his family gets equal time of his.