Regardless Of The Circumstances Jonathan Majors Has The Support Of His Girlfriend

Jonathan Majors

It hasn’t been many days since they started seeing each other. The close source confirmed they are dating since 13th May to be precise. Despite the charges that were placed against him in New York City, Meagan Good has been by his side. The charges were pressed against him in March. They have recently flown down to Los Angeles from the Big Apple. They have been friends for a long time. Since Majors faces some legal troubles, Good started showing immense support.

An Unknown Woman Tried To Ruin Jonathan Majors Reputation

Ant-Man: Quantumania actor Jonathan Majors had to appear in court on 9th May. He was there virtually due to given circumstances he chose that mode. However, the incoming hearing date in June required him to be present in person.

An unknown woman pressed charges against him. Multiple misdemeanor counts were against him by the Manhattan district attorney. According to the source Jonathan Majors has been involved in assault. His attorney presented how those claims made against her client were baseless. The woman who pressed charges is still not identified.

However, without even further knowledge she was given full protection last month. That unknown woman lacks legal representation in the court. This is a complete pre-planned witch hunt against the actor. Many believe, including Meagan Good, her boyfriend Jonathan Majors is innocent. The unknown woman is yet to be identified.

It’s not only Jonathan Majors who faced difficulties in his relationship but Good also. Meagan Good has been married to DeVon Franklin for nine years. She separated officially in December 2021. She has given more than she has ever received. She used to be a people pleaser. Her indomitable self wanted attention more than respect. She is thankful to Jonathan Majors. She considers him as her tribe. He gets her. All she ever wanted.