Ariana Madix Dealt With Anxiety

ariana madix

After nine years of relationship, Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix. This is nothing new. The stories have been whirling for the last few months. Her world fell apart when she caught her. It was her worst nightmare coming true. She was betrayed by two people closest to her. Her boyfriend Tom Sandoval and best friend Raquel Leviss.

However, she chose peace over violence of any kind. She distanced herself from everyone. She was forced to meet Sandoval face-to-face at the reunion. Where Raquel Leviss was absent. Every cast of Vanderpump Rules was against those two people. Tom Sandoval later apologized but it was late for that. He has been cheating on her for months. It was indeed an anxious incident for her, it could have been for anyone.

A Person With Anxiety And Depression, Ariana Madix Has Seen The Worst 

It’s time for checkmate. Ariana Madix has been through the worst to bring out the best version of herself. Her best friends said it was needed. She has suffered from depression and deals with anxiety. They are like the South and North Poles. The breakup was like hitting rock bottom.

She suffered from an eating disorder at the beginning of this show. She has overcome everything. Ariana Madix has always kept his psychological problems candid. She always mentioned how all these are normal. These are not out of the ordinary. However, people still see depression as some kind of mental illness.

Immediately after the breakup she suffered from extreme anxiety. It was not only emotional or mental. It was affecting her body in major ways. She couldn’t eat for days even thinking of eating made her sick. She has already been through a disorder. She was unable to sleep night after night.

To recover from all this she went on an all-girls trip to England. Ariana Madix is grateful to her best friends who were always there to take care of her. They always checked if she ate properly or not. The fans are extremely kind towards her. She couldn’t thank each of them enough.