Kris Jenner Regrets Late Realization

kris jenner

More than two decades of the Kardashian-Jenner clan being in the spotlight. They have been ruling the industry for the last decade or more. Kris Jenner is behind the circus. And perhaps the majority of Hollywood hates the Kardashian-Jenner clan. They have always been the center of any wrongdoing. Anything goes wrong in anyone’s relationship, it is always them. None of them excelled in their career.

Apart from Kendall Jenner, no one felt the need to do something of their own. And now each of them has their clothing brand. Which is also copied from each other, and now they are engaged in a family feud.

Despite The Difficulties, Kris Jenner Held Her Family Together

Kris Jenner is self-loathing. She was so intrigued by all the media attention. She almost forgot there are always two sides to a coin. However, she has now witnessed it all. Not only her, the whole family.

Kris mentioned how haters could be so mean and cruel; at the end of the day, they are human beings, which hurts them.

She has helped the girls build something extraordinary, which also has consequences. It’s a burden.

The media have negatively affected them. Her daughter Kim Kardashian also agreed with her.

They have been through all the struggle together. 

Kris Jenner feels bad that she has become the reason for all the negative comments her daughters receive.

She has this concept stuck in her head: no matter what happens, they are getting blamed for everything.

Kris Jenner has the best understanding daughter, Kim Kardashian. She later mentioned she could comprehend what her mom was suffering. And where her beliefs lie.

She is aware of all these experiences they are going through since last year is part of the process. And God makes no mistakes. Kris Jenner often gets emotional on camera.