Elle Fanning Didn’t Have A Great Experience While Working As Teen Actress

elle fanning

Like anyone else in the industry, Elle Fanning had to face rejection when she started working as a teen actress on screen. She recalled one time she was rejected because she looked too young. And definitely unfit to be portrayed as someone who is not fuckable.

Her agency tried to sugarcoat all those ruthless comments. She has been exposed to the worst type of comments. These things are unfathomable to someone who was sixteen years old back then. Not an adult who is exposed to a harsh and mean world. She auditioned for a father-daughter road trip comedy.

Is Elle Fanning Grateful To Her Agents?

Definitely yes. They protected her from the worst type of emotional damage. They didn’t tell Elle Fanning about all the worst types of comments. When she reached out to them about not hearing back from them about the movie she auditioned for. If her agents didn’t filter it, she could have gone into trauma. Now she looks back and laughs at them. What kind of person says something like that?

She immediately had to brush it off, she has grown up in the public eye. She was aware she is exposed to these toxic industry people. However, Elle Fanning didn’t let those toxic comments dim her confidence or outshine her in anyways.

Things that happened while she was very young, didn’t rather couldn’t damage her. However, everything leaves a little impact. She felt all these made her more aware of herself. She has the perks of being protected in the industry. Elle Fanning is a little sister to Actress Dakota Fanning. Not everyone is privileged enough to feel that way. All these things shaped her, and with age, she realized how much her voice matters. Before she was underconfident and was afraid to raise her voice. She had a fear no one would listen to her. Now things have changed.