Hailie Jade’s Fiance Reveals How He Asked Her Father Eminem For His Blessing Before Proposing

Hailie Jade

Hailie Jade Scott’s fiance is spilling all the details behind what it took to ask her famous dad for his blessing. Scott, 27, is one of the three children of rapper Enimen, 50, who shares with his ex-wife, Kim Scott. Scott,s longtime boyfriend, Evan McClintock, said asking for her father’s approval before their Feb. 4 engagement was about finding the right moment to do so.

McClintock explained in the latest episode of his fiance’s podcast that he was looking for a correct opportunity by not making it too obvious. Since the Just a Little Shady podcast host’s birthday is on Christmas day, the moment her dad began preparing for the festivities was perfect. Hailie Jade put her new fiance in the hot seat and had him spill the tea on how he went about planning and executing his recent proposal. 

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McClintock also confessed that he got help picking out the ring from Hailie Jade’s sister, Alaina Marie Scott. Ultimately, Evan said he nixed the idea because he thought Hailie had a lot going on during that time. But he wasn’t deterred. Evan said the plan was still in motion and in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He also mentioned he went to ring shopping, though he admitted he had come up with excuses to get out of the house to secretly go shopping. 

Hailie Jade on the other hand revealed that she never told him what kind of ring she was into, but it was her sister who helped her out. It all worked out. And get this – Evan says he also asked rapper Eminem for his blessing before popping the question, and that proved to be a mission, too.