Paris Hilton Comes Forward About Her Sexual Assault At The Age Of 15

Paris Hilton

American businesswoman and media personality Paris Hilton reveals an even darker piece from her traumatic childhood that shook the public at its core.

The 15-Year-Old Paris Hilton Got Roofied By A Group Of Older Men 

In the latest interview with Glamour Magazine, the multi-billionaire heiress dropped bombshell news revealing that her earliest sexual encounter resulted in being non-consensual which occurred in her teenage years of mere 15. 

The 42-year-old model, Paris Hilton claimed that the alleged abuser was way older than her age whom she met at the local mall in California. The perpetrator apparently roofied the teenager’s drink by slipping something and later taking advantage of her unconscious state.

During this span of her life, she mostly lived out at her maternal grandmother’s place in the city of Palm Springs. Hilton informed the outlet she would often visit LA to go out with her friends, hanging around the Westfield Century Shopping Center in the city almost every other weekend. 

Paris Hilton informed that the older guys were no uncommon ordeal for the teenagers as they would always just hang around the department stores, she added that she along with her friends would often engage in a chat with them and on occasion give out their pager [beeper] numbers.

On the day of the incident, the girls and Hilton were invited out to their place by a bunch of men. There the minors got offered some ‘berry wine coolers’. Paris Hilton who didn’t use to drink or partake in any such activities recalled a guy being particularly adamant to make her consume the beverage no matter what. It didn’t take her long to notice as within one to two sips she immediately felt woozy and dizzy. Hilton isn’t sure what it might be; she assumes it to be a roofie widely known as Rohypnol.