Paris Hilton Says In Her 20s She Believed She Might Be Asexual

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has admitted that she was confused about her sexuality at an early age. Despite her sexual image, any of a sexual nature used to terrify her, she admits. She said that she came to be known as the ‘kissing bandit’ only because she liked to make out. Paris Hilton revealed the candid side of her nature as she talked about traversing her sexual image even as she was regarded as a 2000s sex symbol.

She had quite an unconventional upbringing as she grew up as the heiress of one of the richest empires. As she stepped into adulthood, Paris Hilton conjured a new celebrity category as she rushed through a lifestyle filled with parties and living the role of a reality TV star.

On the way she went through a series of intense relationships, most of them very high-profile. She had earlier dated among other Nick Carter, Chris Zylka, and Benji Madden.

Despite finding stability in her relationship with Carter Reum, whom she began dating in the early 2020s, she has opened up about her past encounters. Paris Hilton and Carter Reum recently welcomed a baby boy into their lives. The baby was born through a surrogate.

She speaks of being terrified of anything sexual despite her tag of a sex symbol. Her attitude then towards intimacy came in the way of going ahead romantically with any relationship.

Paris Hilton Says Meeting With Present Husband Carter Reum Changed Her Life

The tags that got attached to her name came in the way of her relationships, and they eventually did not last long. But her meeting with Carter Reum changed her life and she saw something different from what had attracted her in a companion. Paris Hilton speaks of the things that she finds attractive in him including his smartness, his good nature, and the respectable family that he hailed from.