Eminem’s Fans Fume Over TikTok Users Canceling The Star


The fans of Eminem, the Rap God, have had an uproar this past week. This has been due to the fact that some subscribers of TikTok have been trying to cancel the star for his controversial lyrics. He has previously sung or rapped about domestic battery, bigotry, violence, or fantasies. This long history has urged the newer generation to cancel the rapper, which has paved the way for several others. And his fans, regardless of the controversial lyrics, are not okay with the Rap God being canceled. 

Eminem, to be told the truth, has been canceled several times even before this. And in the truest form of the word’s meaning. But none of it has ever been able to shake the artist’s grounds. Neither has it ever dented his popularity. The Gen Z or these young TikTokers will also most probably fail at this once all this dust settles. We are not strangers to TikTok videos being fictional or ironic on purpose. And the same has been observed in these videos that are trying to cancel Eminem. 

Why Eminem’s Being Cancelled 

Eminem has been making controversial waves ever since he began his journey as a rapper. In 1997, his major debut record, The Slim Shady LP, had a song about killing his wife and asking his young daughter to help hide the body. It was a fantastical song. The follow-up record in 2000 was simply as controversial as the previous one. The Marshall Mathers LP had more violent lyrics of killing his wife. And hence, in the most recent releases of his catalog, the same was expected and remains. 

The latest records have references to sexism, homophobia, ableist slurs as well. And yet, his fans have jumped to defend him. Some even pointed out how this was done in the past as well. But it is the “haters” that have fuelled his career.