What Happened To 8% Who Were Entitled To Stimulus Check ?

stimulus check

Research shows at least 92% of American citizens have applied for a stimulus check and they received it. However, the checks are distributed under the CARES Act. Which was started by former president Donald Trump. President Joe Biden carried it. The pandemic showed the worst-case scenario of the world, thus financial assistance.

However many failed to claim them given their circumstances. The majority were entitled to three rounds of checks. They lived in a rural area and the information was unable to reach them in time. Hence the missing checks.

Nearly 228 million were entitled to checks. 210 million claimed their payments. The federal government succeeded in making the financial burden a little lighter for the residents.

Residents Were Quick To Stimulus Check

The three rounds of stimulus check were first resumed in April 2020. The majority of the claims were from retired members of the community.

After passing the CARES Act bill. The first check was issued within two weeks. It directly affected the bank account.

However many opted for paper checks. Paper works tale time. It was also shared within a month. The first round of stimulus check was worth $1400. 

People who were eligible did receive their checks.

For those who missed their checks, the IRS last year sent them letters to their address.

People can claim all three rounds of stimulus check. 

And if anyone missed their partial payment that can be claimed now as well.

Nearly 94% of white people have received their stimulus check. Whereas only 87% were Hispanics.

The federal government reached out to all social security members of the community to make them aware of their entitlement.

The last stimulus check was issued in March 2021. Since then it’s been two years. The federal government didn’t issue another round of financial assistance.