Billie Eilish Slammed Haters

billie eilish

She is just 21 years old and has already made it to the top artists in the world. Billie Eilish was criticized for not embracing her body at the beginning of her career. Her baggy clothes were perhaps bothering the media and the haters. Now that she has grown comfortable with her own style. Which she addressed as “remotely feminine”. Now they are considering her to be a sell-out.

The first is boyish. Now a changed and sell-out person.

She has always been candid with her thoughts and opinions. She never liked to sugarcoat anything. This time she expressed her anger and utter disgust for them.

Billie Eilish Was Affected By The Social Media Bully

People who don’t even know her started hating her for absolutely no reason. All those hate comments and criticism were used to affect her in numerous ways. She went into depression. There were times when she deleted all those apps.

Billie Eilish took her social media to protest against all those hate comments.

She needed to protect herself because no one ever would.

She strongly established her opinion on feminism.

People must have been living in denial. Feminism gives women equality. And equality is not a weakness in case they didn’t notice.

Billie Eilish now chooses her attire according to her fitting. Previously even when used to wear baggy clothes it became her statement. And she totally flaunts them. Even now she wears those designer clothes and flaunts them.

These are her choices and it doesn’t make her someone who has changed or sold out. Things that happened in the comment section made her sick to the stomach.

The haters have been continuously making Billie Eilish feel insecure about her body.

They said before how she has been trying to hide her body under the baggy clothes.

When she started embracing it didn’t sit right with the haters.