Aaron Rodgers Made It To The Eras Tour

aaron rodgers

Who would know an NFL player is such a big fan of Taylor Swift? Aaron Rodgers attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. He was joined by Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh Teller. The player didn’t step back from showing himself as a Swiftie. He was quite enjoying it all the time. He posted on Instagram stories mentioning Taylor Swift and his wife.

It was just before the concert was about to begin. They were in the VIP zone.

He knows all of Taylor Swift’s songs. The camera caught a few moments of him lip-syncing with all the songs.

The concert was at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It is in East Rutherford.

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He takes glory in admitting how much he loves Taylor Swift’s songs. Aaron Rodgers was singing all of the hit albums.

TMZ captured a moment of him singing 1989’s hit song Style.

Many previously anticipated and still think this is about Harry Styles. They used to date a decade ago.

Aaron Rodgers let his inner child have all the fun it needed.

He raised his hands and started singing the Style. 2020’s Folklore album is his favorite.

And his favorite song from the LP album is August.

Taylor Swift has been surprising fans on this tour. She brought her favorite singer friends from the industry.

A video clip went viral from Nashville. Where Selena Gomez sang ‘keep my hands to myself’. The crowd went crazy.

The Eras tour is likely to continue till 9th August. Swift is perhaps covering the nation.

In the midst of all her love life still making the headlines.