Jana Kramer Couldn’t Keep The Surprise

jana kramer

She is co-parenting with her ex-husband Mike Caussin. Jana Kramer recently got engaged to her boyfriend Allan Russell. They have dates for six months.

She was waiting for the perfect time to share the news with her husband. However, when they were seven years old, she didn’t know how to keep secrets from her father.

While face timing with him she gave him the news. Mike Caussin congratulated her and her new daddy. Jana shared the tiny details of the incidents on her podcast. The proposal was a complete dream. She never saw it coming this early.

Jana Kramer Became Emotional

Her ex-husband Mike Caussin congratulated her after knowing it from his daughter. Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin share a daughter and a son together. They are currently co-parenting after the divorce.

Mike Caussin was very happy for her. They talked for a minute regarding their co-parenting. Later he said how happy he was about her. Jana Kramer definitely deserves someone who would love her in spite of everything. She needed to be loved properly. Mike Caussin did admit he put Jana Kramer through the worse possible scenarios. He is ashamed of it. And above all, he failed to give her the love she deserves. Now that she is happy she deserves it before everyone.

Jana Kramer later share in her podcast it was an emotional rollercoaster for her.

Allan Russell’s proposal was even a total surprise. 

One fine night she was busy watching the view outside with her kids. And all of sudden Allan Russell called out Jana Kramer. He went down on his knees. Her seven years old daughter was aware of what was going to happen. She started jumping up and down. Perhaps it was the best thing she has witnessed. It made her happy more than the proposal.