Everything You Need To Know About Apple Watch Series 6 Vs Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch Series 6

Last week, Apple held an online event where they introduced two of its latest smartwatches: Apple Watch Series 6 and SE. Here are the important differences.

Apple recently revealed its two latest smartwatches: Apple Watch Series 6 and the easily affordable version, SE. Both the devices will be run by WatchOS7. However, given the price difference, Watch Series 6 will obviously have more advantages than SE. For example, the SE has a more conservative S5 chip. The Apple devices can be used in both the WIFi and cellular varieties. 

While Apple Watch Series 6 price begins at $399c the price of Apple Watch SE stats at $279. 

What Are The Differences Between Apple Watch Series 6 And SE?


Your viewing experience will not alter much between an Apple Watch Series 6 and SE because their resolution and display are relatively similar. Both of them are safe resistant. Plus, they are both compatible with Braided loops and Solo, the new bands released by the tech giant. 

However, you will get more color and design choices with the Apple Watch Series 6. Some of the colors include grey, silver, gold aluminum, red, blue, etc. Finally, the Apple Watch Series 6 allows you to opt for an Always-on display. This does away with a lot of complications some users face while checking their notifications. 

Hardware: The Blood Oxygen Sensor In Apple Watch Series 6

While the Apple Series SE issues S5 chipset, the Series 6 uses Apple’s latest S6 ship. Even though there are several differences between both the smartwatches, they are both significantly faster than any of their previous smartwatches. 

One of the most exciting features of the Apple Watch Series 6 is its blood oxygen sensing feature. It is also called an oximeter. It collects data from the color of your wrist and other such insights and gives you crucial information about your blood circulation and cardiac abilities. And, in this time of the coronavirus, this feature seems even more relevant as it will update the wearer on his/her respiratory condition as well. 

Oximeter will surveil your health condition within just fifteen seconds. Additionally, Apple has also introduced a Blood Oxygen app. This app will be active even when the wearer is asleep. It will keep working in the background to keep a constant check on your health condition. You can also choose to manually activate or deactivate it. Like all the other smartwatches from Apple, the Apple Watch Series 6 will also have an in-built Health app. A user can check this app for all the personal data. Along with these features, you can also track your personal health goals. 

Both Apple Watch Series 6 and SE have sensors to evaluate a wearer’s heart condition. However, the Series 6 comes with a specialized app that measures its wearer’s heart rate. This electrical heart sensor was first introduced for Apple’s Watch Series 4. Since then, it has been quite a hit. 

Last but not the least, the Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a U1 chip. In other words, it has the same Ultra wideband that has been made available for iPhone 11 and the newer novels. U1 chips help its wearers become more aware of their surroundings. They can easily detect other similar devices near their location. Moreover, Apple has hinted that this U1 chip will expand its usage over time. 

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Everything You Need To Know About Apple Watch Series 6 Vs Apple Watch SE 2


Both the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE function in WatchOS7. One great feature of WatchOS7 is that it allows several Apple smartwatches to connect with each other. This way, you can track your child or your grandparent’s location. One can also limit a smartwatch’s app download and contacts. The beauty of this feature is that it works even if the other person does not own an iPhone. Additionally, WatchOS7 brings its own interesting Memoji stickers. 

There are several other features that many tech enthusiasts are excited about. Some of them include noise level monitor, emergency SOS contact, altimeter that helps one measure elevation levels, and fall detection. 

The fall detector is another such great feature for medical reasons. It will detect is a wearer falls. The impact of the fall and possible damage will be calculated by the Apple smartwatch by analyzing the impact acceleration and the trajectory of the wrist. Then, the wearer will be updated on the possible damage. Depending on what the situation is, one can dismiss the notification or call an emergency service from the Apple Watch Series 6 or SE itself. 

Time Flies Virtual Event By Apple

Apple’s virtual event called Time Flies happened just a couple of days ago, and it’s still creating a buzz amongst tech enthusiasts. After the event, their latest Apple Watch Series 6 and SE flooded the market. 

While you can order your Apple smartwatches online, many retailers won’t deliver your product fast due to various shipping restrictions. So, if you think you can safely visit your local Apple store, you can buy your smartwatch in person.

Why Are Many Excited For Apple Watch SE?

As mentioned above, this brand new model has all the fun attached to an Apple Watch Series 6. Even though you won’t be getting the enhanced experience that Series 6 will give you, the features are basically the same. And, it’s much more affordable than Series 6. 

The increasingly advanced medical analysis facilities these Apple smartwatches come with are revolutionizing health practices. Are you ready to upgrade to Apple’s latest