Facebook Expands Test of New Hashtag Use Metrics Within Post Composer


Facebook seems to be extending the test of the new listing of hashtag use in the post box when suggesting relevant tags to include to your post

Facebook hashtag metrics

For example, as you can see in the screenshot, the suggested tag list demonstrates not just the top tags according to the predictive text. However, it also shows a list of how many posts people already posted with the same hashtag.

This new update is like the new Instagram’s explore list of hashtags, that shows the hashtag number of uses in the search recommendations.

Instagram search hashtags

And as Facebook owns Instagram, it has the access to the source of this kind of process. Also, it makes sense to add this feature to the Facebook post composer box, giving more help for businesses and users in the most popular hashtags to increase their posts’ reach.

Facebook has been putting more emphasis on hashtag use on the main platform recently, with updated, particular alerts on utilizing trend based hashtags and hashtags that may increase your reach to get you more engagement.

Facebook hashtags

The new hashtag usage listing, at that time, were accessible for some users, yet not everyone seems to be seeing them until now.

Facebook hashtag stats

Currently, it appears that a lot of users got the new listings, we have asked Facebook for more details about the new feature, yet we haven’t as yet heard back from them.

As stated, it might be a great way to tap into the wider conversation, and a good way for Facebook to promote its hashtags use. Although we never thought that hashtags are so important for Facebook users, looking at these screenshots, obviously they are seeing use.

So, the new feature is worth considering anyway.