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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Facebook to Launch Emotional Health Resource Center To Fight Mental Health

With Mental Health Day being just around the corner, Facebook has announced its new initiative, an Emotional Health Resource Center. As Coronavirus made its way into the lives of people and made it difficult, mental health issues are increasing. To keep the mental well-being in check, healthcare experts have joined hands with various social media platforms to provide the necessary help and spread awareness.

What is Facebook’s Emotional Health Resource Center?

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Facebook to Launch Emotional Health Resource Center To Fight Mental Health 2

According to Facebook, the Emotional Health Resource Center is a segment on the Facebook app that provides the users with information, advice, and tips about mental health. It has also paired up with centers like Kids Help Phone, NAMI, and It’s OK to invest in mental healthcare.

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Through Facebook’s new feature, a person suffering from mental health will be able to seek immediate help. The Emotional Health Resource Centre is a place for mental health experts to extend their support towards those in need. It also aims at providing information and resources to those in need.

Check Out Facebook’s Mental Health Resources:

The Digital stress Management guide by the World Health Organization (WHO) available on Whatsapp. You can get this guide on the chatbot of WHO health alert.

Facebook Messenger’s WHO sticker pack: The sticker aims at initiating conversations on mental health.

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Facebook messenger’s Crisis Support: A segment that looks after the prevention of suicide.

Instagram’s crisis Text Line Mental Well-being guides for awareness and prevention of self-harm.

Facebook Watch series: A series to educate more about mental health, Peace of Mind with Taraji is yet another segment.

Other Initiatives by Facebook on Mental Health

Apart from Facebook’s Emotional Health Resource Center, it has taken a step towards understanding mental health more by investment in its research. It also aims to understand the role of social media in catalyzing our mental health.

Facebook is also in a partnership with The Aspen Institute to understand more about loneliness, technology, and social connection,  and how they all work together. The initial report on the subject, titled  ‘Lessons in Loneliness’ has been published.

With the upcoming launch of the Emotional Health Resource Centre by Facebook, it has further decided to continue pairing up with mental health experts. It wishes to conduct researches on the connection between social media activities and their impact on mental well-being.

Every technological development brings along its pros and cons. In the case of social media too, mixed responses have been received. On one hand, it’s a platform to connect with people, participate in online communities, etc. On the other hand, it is often considered to be contributing to mental health issues. In such a situation, Facebook’s new Emotional Health Resource Centre is worth checking out!

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