Instagram to Come Up with New Tools To Tackle Offensive Comments

Instagram offensive comments

To control the menace of offensive comments, Instagram is about to launch a new feature that will focus on reducing cyberbullying. With social media usage on the rise, hateful and offensive comments increasing too, which is capable of impacting the younger generation. Keeping in mind that October is National Bullying Prevention Month, Instagram is all set to be an active participant in the fight.

What is Instagram’s New Feature To Fight Offensive Comments?

Instagram to Come Up with New Tools To Tackle Offensive Comments 3

Comments that appear the same to ones that have been reported will be hidden automatically by Instagram’s new feature. The comments which will be hidden automatically can be viewed under the ‘view hidden comments’s ection.

The users in the test will come across a note that will explain the function of the new feature. It says : “These comments were hidden because they look similar to others that have been reported or may contain spam. People can still tap to view them.”

The new feature is considered to be a more thoughtful and active approach towards the tackling of abusive and offensive comments. 

There is already an automated warning system on Instagram that notifies users trying to post comments that pose similarity to pre-identified offensive comments. 

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Instagram to Come Up with New Tools To Tackle Offensive Comments 4

Instagram’s new tool will work similarly, except the offensive comments will be hidden when detected. It will help to create less exposure to offensive comments.

Offensive Comments Menace: Instagram’s Other Initiatives

Instagram is also working on issuing warnings to users who continually post offensive comments although having received previous warnings.

As per this feature, users will get warning notes saying their accounts could be deleted if their comments are reported by other users. This could indeed imbibe a sense of reconsideration among users before posting any offensive comment. 

Instagram has been infamous when it comes to the influence it has on its users. In 2017, a report of a survey said that it was “the worst social media network for mental health and wellbeing.” The report suggested that apart from other factors, it has been an active contributor in taking the number of depression and anxiety cases higher. 

We often come across users taking down Instagram posts with fewer likes. That’s a clear sign of anxiety is connected with people’s reaction on social media. 

Offensive comments, hateful remarks have been a prevalent problem. Although there have been efforts to control these, it is not enough. The new efforts by Instagram to bring down offensive comments is a ray of hope it seems or is it?