Facebook Updates Elevate Platform to Provide More Support for Black, Latinx, and Hispanic Communities

facebook elevate

Facebook has updated today its Elevate website as part of the mission to reach a million members from each of the Hispanic, Latinx, and Black communities in the USA by 2023, that gives a range of tools and resources to help businesses in using Facebook to broad their procedures.

Facebook elevate
Facebook Updates Elevate Platform to Provide More Support for Black, Latinx, and Hispanic Communities 2

As explained by Facebook:

“Today we launched a new Elevate site that makes it simple for businesses to find the resources they need to help them succeed. Now, you can easily find information about things like workshops, live events, coaching from Facebook mentors and more on the Elevate platform.” 

First off, Facebook launched its Elevate website in 2018 to “accelerate the economic success and impact of entities of color”.

“Elevate serves Black and Latinx and Hispanic small businesses, creators, nonprofits, students, and job seekers. It provides education, community, mentorship, and empowerment.”

Lately, after the movement of the #BlackLivesMatter, Facebook has placed more confirmations on helping minor business owners in the USA that has also added the creation of a new fund of $25 to help Black creators and the addition of different new resources and tools.

The movement became more pressuring for Facebook after some civil rights activist groups call to boycott Facebook advertisers in July. This reportedly cost the business millions in ad profit. Facebook has been in meetings with several civil rights leaders as a result. They weren’t very impressed with the response of Facebook about their concerns, yet Facebook has committed to a funding program of $200 million for businesses owned by black people. Though it will not change its policies about hate speech.

The updated platform ‘Elevate’ is a new role of this commitment and as stated above, it will assist Facebook to improve its efforts to help more minorities to increase their chances.

Which means that any change in the policy may be more likely to be useful. However, although Facebook is granting more tools and resources that will help, that is even particularly more significant considering that small businesses owned by black people have been closing at double the rate of other small businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can check out the new Facebook Elevate website here.