Faye Dunaway Intends To Face SNL Actor

Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway may make an appearance on “Saturday Night Live”, just to face off against Bowen Yang, the funnyman, over his presence on social media. Bowen’s Instagram handle has remained @fayedunaway ever since he joined the platform several years ago. However, on June 1st, he appeared on an episode of “Live with Kelly and Ryan” where he admitted to being aware that the actress knew about his moniker online. He also said that he knew Faye is not particularly happy regarding it.

Yang, the actor nominated for an Emmy, said that there have been further developments regarding this situation. He recounts that about two weeks prior he received word about Faye Dunaway knowing about him using this particular handle. As such, according to Yang, Faye wants to appear on SNL to confront Yang live on television.

Bowen Opens Up About The Faye Dunaway Connection

Upon being asked what shape this confrontation can take, Bowen believed that the event would take place during SNL’s segment for the Weekend Update. He said that she will be given the spotlight to talk regarding her handle on social media and how a completely unrelated Asian guy has co-opted it.

At the time when Bowen had chosen to use @fayedunaway handle for his Instagram profile, he was not nearly as popular a comedian as he is now. In reality, Yang had never imagined that his name on Instagram would one day create such waves. He recalled how he never wanted it since he really was a Brooklyn plebian. In his mind, the best scenario would be where people contact him and give him $20 which he would forward to her. However, now, the name has a blue tick next to it, so people can get confused and believe his account to be that of the actual Faye Dunaway.