Grimes Hospitalized Due To Panic Attack After Their Debut On ‘SNL’


It has been recently revealed that Grimes has been hospitalized after she suffered from a panic attack this very week. The main reason for Grimes’ panic attack was owing to the debut appearance with Elon Musk, her boyfriend, on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Grimes is best known for her song ‘Oblivion’. On 11th May, Tuesday, she had posted a photo of her being backstage. Along with the photo, she also wrote that she had forgotten to share a few of the photos due to the reason that she was under medical care during that time.

Grimes Faces Panic Attack

Grimes posted a backstage picture of herself posing with Miley Cyrus. In addition, she also informed her fans that she was under medical attention because of a panic attack suffered by her. She was seen wearing a Princes Peach gown alongside Miley, the musical guest.

She further added that she loved Miley’s performance. She even thanked the staff of ‘SNL’ and also adorably gushed over her boyfriend, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. She also acknowledged the fact that many of their fans might get upset over his appearance on SNL.

This debut of them appearing on SNL is considered widely controversial by one and all and has been a talking point since then. Furthermore, Musk had used this stage to reveal that he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and even joked about it. 

Additionally, Musk explained cryptocurrencies in the ‘Weekend Update’ segment to Michael Che. He even played Wario and made jokes on Nintendo cocaine.

At this point, Grimes made a cameo in the form of a princess in a video game.