Sam Asghari Reveals His Life Revolving Around Britney

Sam Asghari
Sam Asghari

Sam Asghari is about to get married to Britney Spears, someone among the world’s most popular women. However, he still insists that his daily life is normal and involves a lot of penny-pinchings. He says that he is not a husband that sits at home, and he is only another normal person. As such, he sometimes does tons of shopping since he needs specific things, particularly related to diet. The physique trainer revealed this during an interview with GQ. 

Sam Asghari Avoids Pricey Stores

Sam Asghari, who also aspires to be an actor, has been dating Britney for over five years. However, he still chooses to stay frugal and stay away from expensive specialty stores.

He admits that he has no intention of spending $200 for something that he can get for $60. He is so careful when it comes to money because he wants to leave a safe future for his children. As such, he believes that those who enter America, bear with them a purpose, and not to goof and waste time and resources.

Sam Asghari also admits that his bankroll is nowhere near his fiance’s. However, he still tries to help out wherever he can, such as trading who bears the expense for dinner. Despite this discrepancy in their finances, Sam insists that the couple tries to keep the lifestyle as fair as possible. He also reveled in the fact that they do not share any joint accounts.

He explained the couple travels a lot and called Britney someone who is extremely expensive, as the pair has a penchant for only traveling via private plans as well as always choosing luxury hotels. However, even with Britney’s expensive taste, Sam claims he tries his best to incorporate his lifestyle into that of hers.