Fergie Celebrates ‘Outgoing’ Son Axl’s’ 10th Birthday With Rare Photos of the Couple


The young child of Fergie and Josh Duhamel is maturing. The 48-year-old “Pump It Harder” singer honored her 10-year-old son Axl by posting a variety of rare images of him via Instagram. These images included both humorous and serious ones of her kid.

“To my kind, humorous, gregarious, devoted, intelligent, chatty, and imaginative superhero fanatic. Cheers to 10 years, punky! “Axl Jack, love you,” Fergie wrote. The Life As We Knew It actor, 50, brought Axl along when he took part in RX3’s second charity football event earlier this year.

“My son plays sports, right? Finally, he’s beginning to participate in it. Fergie’s ex-husband Duhamel exclusively told the media, He further added that he never thought his son would be interested in sports but he liked basketball a lot. He also liked to play a bit of football with his dad. In terms of sports, Duhamel said that he tries not to be too controlling of him and let him explore it himself. 

Fergie And Duhamel On Raising Their Children

Duhamel and Fergie says that he thinks sports are great for children, and he’s hopeful that through trying new activities, Axl can learn some valuable life skills.

He won’t become a professional athlete, but it would still be beneficial for him to understand essential skills in life. Sports, in his opinion, are filled with multiple worthwhile teachings. Before becoming engaged in 2007, Duhamel and Fergie started their relationship in 2004. They were wed around 2009, and towards the end of 2017, they jointly declared their separation. In 2019, the couple divorced legally.

Duhamel wedded after that, getting hitched to Audra Mari, last year. Back then, a close friend of Mari’s told the media that Mari wanted to have children with Josh and that she was “getting to know” Axl. Mari was also the former Miss World America.