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Gary Neville Slammed The Players Of Manchester United

Gary Neville recently criticized the players of Manchester United for attending a tour of the whole world after losing the Champions League in the previous week. The team of Manchester United lost against Atletico Madrid and was thrown out of the tournament with plenty of time in their schedule. 

Gary Neville Called The Manchester United Players As ‘Tone Deaf’

The team of Ralf Rangnick was supposed to play against Liverpool in the tournament of Premier League this Sunday. However, the match got postponed and was rescheduled as the Merseysiders won the FA Cup, a tournament where Manchester United was already kicked out. 

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There are no important matches to play for Manchester United and hence some of the players are posting on social media about their free time and showing their fans how they are enjoying them. Rangnick, the interim manager of the team, went to Barbados to spectate the cricket match of England, on the other hand, Avram Glazer, the co-owner of Manchester United visited the Bahrain Grand Prix. 

Gary Neville, a previous defender of the team criticized the members for boasting their recent trip on social media. Though he agreed that players can have a life outside football, still just after you lost a tournament, it doesn’t seem decent. 

In a recent post, Gary Neville tweeted that earlier if United Manchester would even draw a match, the executives, managers, and the players would not be viewed in the local Italian, and this time they are losing a whole tournament and it is not bothering them. He added that in the previous week he had seen everything starting from the global tour of F1, Cricket, UFC events, and even concerts. He described the present team members as Tone Deaf. 

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Gary Neville was criticized for his comment as people wrote that the players are just human beings and they cannot just stay isolated after losing a match.

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