Georgia State Will Be Sending Stimulus Check Payments With An Increase Of $500

Tax Season Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

A large number of citizens in the state of Georgia seem to be quite grateful as they have already received some extra stimulus check payments, as the state issued its first round of the refund checks on the 2nd of May. For another year consecutively, the legislators did approve the request made by Governor Brian Kemp to issue the refunds for income tax to eligible state taxpayers. The refunds would also cost a projected sum of $1 billion of the $6.6 billion in surplus revenue that crossed over from the last budget year, as reported by Atlanta. 

Stimulus Check Payment In The State Of Georgia

The Governor stated that the state was in a position to issue some form of surplus tax refunds due to the many years of conservative and responsible budgeting, and because the state had chosen to protect both the lives and the jobs of individuals during the pandemic. Both the stimulus checksum of $950 million and the income tax rebate are fulfilled promises that were made by Kemp during his successful campaign for re-election the previous year. In March, the Governor signed House Bill 162- which was a bill for taxpayers who had filed for returns for both 2021 and 2022.

Residents would be qualifying for the stimulus check refund if they filed for their taxes in both the tax years of 2021 and 2022- although no one could get back more than what they had paid in the state income taxes in 2021. The eligible recipients would then be sent a check or would find their funds deposited directly.  One needs to understand that those without a tax liability will not be receiving any money.