Netflix Viewers Have Called Hellhole A Terrifying Gem Of A Horror Movie


Netflix seems to be producing one sensational horror movie after another. The streaming service recently debuted Hellhole, a Polish horror movie, back in October. And as it turns out, the film is still making waves with the viewers months later.

The movie was directed and written by filmmaker Bartosz-M. Kowalski and follows a police officer in 1980s Poland- as he investigates a series of disappearances, and then ends up in a secluded monastery that performs exorcisms. The Daily Mail also noted quite several reactions to this movie on Monday– as viewers shared their views on Twitter regarding this film seemingly captured their attention. 

Netflix’s New Horror Movie Receives Rave Reviews

Farah Ali, an author, put up a post on Twitter where she spoke about this Netflix movie as she considers it to be a terrifying gem of a horror movie that was set in a creepy monastery. Zena Dixon, the cohost of the Bloody Disgusting co-host also shared on Twitter that this film was completely stuck in her brain for multiple weeks after she had first watched this movie. She wrote on Twitter that it had been close to two weeks since she had watched this movie and it was still out there, ruminating in her head. Ainsley Bowden of Seasoned Gaming also wrote back in December last year that they would be recommending this movie to horror fans. 

Steven Nguyen Scaife, the writer/critic, also wrote on Twitter in January that he did not want to oversell this Netflix movie- but rather wanted people to form their conclusions, but he did believe it would be going multiple places. The Imported Podcast also wrote a tiny review of Hellhole, where they called this movie a wild exorcism flick with some great pacing, and a few roller-coaster surprises.