Gerard Pique Is Going Public With Clara Chia Marti After Breaking Up With Shakira

Gerard Pique with Chia
Gerard Pique with Chia

Gerard Pique after breaking up with Shakira just a few weeks earlier is now dating Clara Chia Marti.  The Barca defender posted pictures of her with Instagram and fans are really digging up the whole thing. Pique has been dating Clara Chia Marti for the past seven months and they are now announcing it publicly. 

Gerard Pique who was single after his separation with Shakira, has recently shared pictures with his new partner Clara from his Instagram account with two red hearts in the caption. The couple are in a romantic embrace as Chira has her hands around pique with a big smile on her face. 

La Vanguardia, the Spanish publication reported Pique’s new love affair back in Nov 2020. Additionally, reports claim that Piqué and his two boys with Shakira, Milan, 7, and Sasha, 5, have been living in the same Costa Brava home as Chia, a 23-year-old model.

After breaking up with Shakira, with whom Piqué spent 11 years in a romance, word about Piqué and Chia’s connection broke. Shakira thanked Piqué in a touching Instagram post in August 2020 for their time together and for everything he has done for her boys.

Gerard Pique’s Love Story is Budding: 

Currently Pique is looking forward to his future with his partner. The couple has already celebrated their first Valentine’s Day. 

Gerard Pique fall under football’s A listers. He has completed football in his illustrious career with Barcelona and the Spanish national team. His new partner however is not a new name under the spotlight either. The woman already has 170K followers in her Instagram. 

The new relationship between the celebrity couple is budding and they are seemingly happier. With all the pictures we are getting, it shows Pique has moved on from his past relationship with the superstar pop musician and has found is new love the Clara Chia Marti.