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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

GOP Senator Josh Hawley’s Move To Delay Biden’s Certification Faces Backlash From Republican Senators

GOP Senator of Missouri, Josh Hawley, announces on Wednesday that he will object to the final results of the Presidential Elections, 2020, put forward by the Electoral College. His planned objection, Hawley claims, will force both the House and Senate lawmakers to vote on whether they accept the final results of the 2020 elections that is heavily tilted towards President-elect Joe Biden.

With Senators having their hands-full in an attempt to block the final voting on Trump’s veto on the National Defense Authorization Act, Senate Republicans now themselves irked by Josh Hawley’s “desperate” move.

GOP Senator Josh Hawley Not Supported By Other Republican Senators On His Claims

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This Wednesday, the Senator further elaborated on his planned objection to the final results of the Biden-Trump election. He mentioned that he would object to the certification from at least one state while the results come out on the 6th of January, 2021. What was about to become a smooth transition of power has now brought in severe criticism from Republican Senators as well.

The objection of Hawley will not alter the clear results of the 2020 elections but his objection will matter insofar as the next voting will not be a question on the legitimacy of Biden’s victory in the election but on the legitimacy of the elections in totality.

Josh Hawley’s claim, states Republican senators, will be an acknowledgement of the baseless claims of Trump regarding the 2020 Presidential elections. Senate Republicans will be choosing whether this election was fair or not. Plus, it will also be a testimonial of loyalty towards Trump as their votes will be a determining factor for their political career in the future.

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An aide Republican mentioned in a statement that it is sheer selfishness on the part of Josh Hawley to put forward such an objection. His action will subject all the other conservatives to a backlash from their party. Others are also of the opinion that Hawley will not go through with this decision when the day comes. They also questioned his credibility now that the Supreme Court has also motioned against the President’s claim of a fraudulent election.

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