Halle Berry Has Called Out Drake For Using Her Photos Without Taking Permission

Halle Berry

It would appear to some that Halle Berry wasn’t too happy with how Drake had used her photos without permission. The 57-year-old Oscar-winning actress addressed how the 36-year-old rapper hadn’t asked for her permission before he used it as a cover for his new single ‘Slime You Out’ featuring SZA. The photo was of her getting covered in green slime at the Kids’ Choice Awards at Nickelodeon. The actress also put out a message on her Instagram last Friday that did seem to be directed towards the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter. The message read that sometimes one had to be the bigger guy- even if they were a woman at the end of the day. 

Halle Berry Puts Up Cryptic Message After Drake’s Infringement

Halle Berry’s cryptic message put her fans in a frenzy as they speculated that the post had been aimed at Drake, and Berry did confirm that this was the case when she ended up replying to an Instagram user who went on to ask her in the comments regarding her thoughts of Drake’s newly announced single.

She mentioned that Drake hadn’t asked for her permission before using the pictures, and she thought that he was better than that. She further commented that this was the reason behind the post, for she believed that if someone disappointed her, she had to be the bigger person and move on. She also added that it was the principle of the matter, and if one didn’t get it, it could create a problem for them. 

On the other hand, both Drake and SZA released their collab on Friday after sharing the promotional single artwork- after which they tagged each other in the Instagram posts. Slime You Out will turn out to be the second single off the upcoming album, and the very first collaboration between the hip-hop artist, and the R&B singer- but guess Drake should have asked for Halle Berry’s permission first!