Hoda Kotb Recalls Pleading To Allow Her To Wash Her Daughter When She Was In The Hospital

Hoda Kotb

During Hope, a 3-year-old, recent hospitalization, Hoda Kotb recalls “pleading” with staff to allow her to bathe Hope. On Monday’s “Today” show, Kotb said that she remembered being there asking for permission to bathe her daughter since they would give her sponge baths. She simply kept begging them to let her child have a bath. 

The media star, who is a mother to another 6-year-old daughter named Haley Joy as well, claimed the hospital people kindly granted her request. And she remembered that they got a little tub of plastic which they put under the tap, and placed Hope, her daughter, in it. That was the best she could do back then, she added and that was lovely, she said. 

To honor National Nurses Week, Kotb shared her poignant story with co-anchor Jenna B. Hager.

Hoda Kotb Is Super Excited And Happy To Have Her Daughter Back At Home

The mother of two added, referring to the staff who had comforted her that the staff was aware at the time. She further added that most of what the nursing staff does goes beyond the basic medical requirements, such as administering IVs, running tests, or using needles. It was more about the care, comfort, and humanity they show toward their patients. 

Hoda Kotb had to take some time away from “Today” around February to take care of her small child in the Intensive Care Unit, but she had not revealed the reason. Nevertheless, the author of “I Needed This Today” earlier described the experience as something extremely scary and worrying for her. However, Hoda Kotb is pleased to announce that her daughter, Hope is now in good health and vibrant as always. Hoda Kotb was extremely happy to be reunited with her youngest daughter again and have her back safely.