“Selenators” Allegedly Threatened Francia Raisa By Threatening To Cut Out Her Kidneys

Francia Raisa

After speaking about her apparent conflict with Selena Gomez, Francia Raisa disclosed that she has been receiving threats from the singer’s followers.

The “HIMYF” actress was recently interviewed by a news outlet to discuss her fight with Gomez. She didn’t even address that the ex-buddies had problems at the time, though.

Francia Raisa said to the paparazzi that one of the comments that hurt her most was the one that horrifyingly threatened to rip off her kidney and slut shamed her, before declaring that she had no interest in interacting with him.

Francia Raisa Speaks About The Bullying Affecting Her Mental Health

She did, however, make it a point to warn him that, nobody, especially Gomez, allowed or accepted bullying. Francia Raisa, 34, emphasized the absurdity of fans harassing her on their behalf and mentioned that Selena has an NGO called Rare Impact Fund. The website of RIF, aim is to minimize the taboo surrounding mental illness and offer the youth an opportunity to find necessary resources.

Francia Raisa remarked on the irony behind the whole situation where she was being so severely bullied which was taking a toll on her mental health. She further added that she had no idea why that was happening to her and that Selena, more than anybody else had been repeatedly asking people to stop the bullying. However, she also revealed that she has happily been living her life. She sends her love to everybody out there, requesting fans and people to stop bullying not only her but also others.

Francia Raisa and Gomez appeared to be inseparable when the “Beyond Paradise” actor gave the singer a kidney in 2017 while she was still battling lupus.