Taylor Swift’s Nashville Show Is Postponed For Hours As Fans Pass Out And Vomit

Taylor Swift

How Taylor Swift’s supporters behave is akin to a downpour.

The third night of the star’s Eras Tour brought throngs of concertgoers to Nashville’s Nissan Stadium, where they were compelled to take cover for over five hours because of terrible weather. In the stadium’s covered parts, such as the numerous ramps and snack stand, the agitated audience was forced to stay still, as reported by an attendee.

Taylor Swift’s Hometown Concert Turns Into A Mayhem Amid Terrible Weather

According to our source, they had been compelled to seek shelter around five o’clock and were made to stay there motionless at least till 9 o’clock. Fans were sticking to each other in the rain while the cold wind hit them, they continued. As the spectators removed their shoes, the rain collected around their feet.

The participant claims that while some lucky people who wore ponchos, even the ones who did manage to stay dry were huddled so closely in such tumultuous circumstances that several people suffered from panic attacks, was ill, puked, and even passed out.

Our source reports that several concertgoers of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour were split up from their groups amid the mayhem. They admitted that when fans were crowded into one another and security kept attempting to cut through the crowd, they were growing impatient. 

The “only respite” from the stressful scenario, according to our source, was that the fans often broke out into Taylor Swift’s songs together. The concertgoer enthusiastically noted that an equally drenched Taylor Swift, 33, eventually entered the stage just after 10 o’clock and the show went on until almost 2 o’clock. The audience member also added that fans exchanged wristbands and sobbed till they were let out to watch Taylor Swift’s performance without openers.

Typically, Taylor Swift’s performance lasts from around 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock.