20-Year-Old Fan Of Taylor Swift Murdered By Intoxicated Driver After Concert In Houston

Taylor Swift

A driver who was severely drunk attacked and murdered a fan of Taylor Swift this weekend in Houston as he was returning home after seeing Taylor Swift’s “Eras” Tour.

20-year-old Jacob Lewis’ car stuck as he was returning from the music venue, so he got out to try to push it into the roadside. According to Houston Police, the killer, Hayes, was later apprehended and has been accused of third-degree offense felony DUI and inability to pause and administer aid. Steve Lewis, the victim’s father, claims that despite his untimely passing, Jacob’s last moments reflected him as a person.

Multiple Taylor Swift Fans Donate Money To The Victim’s Family

The consensus is that he was the best at delivering hugs. He was 6 feet 5 inches tall and towered over everyone, but he never made people feel “small,” the source reported. He always accepted people just the way they were and was inclusive of everyone. He loved singing and performing, it made him feel happy and alive. April shared a video of her and her brother just hours earlier at the performance as she thought back on their last few moments together.

The post stated that she was suffering from a lot of pain because of the death of her brother, something which she felt was impossible to put into words. However, she further tagged Taylor Swift in the post saying that they loved her so much and thanked her for making her brother’s final moments as beautiful as they were. Since his passing, Taylor Swift supporters have donated over $100K to the family. Many of them gave $13 donations in honor of the singer’s lucky number.

Swifties have inundated the page called GoFundMe with poignant lines from Taylor Swift’s famous “All Too Well” which is the singer’s catalog in addition to their donations. Many fans commented quoting lines from Swift’s famous songs in support of the family.