Taylor Swift Makes It To The Stanford University Syllabus

Taylor Swift

Yes, you heard that right. The students of Stanford University will now have a syllabus incorporated with the lyrics of a song by Taylor Swift. The website of the university says that the course is now going to offer a deep analysis of the lyrics of the song by Taylor Swift.

The students from the Winter Quarter of 2023 studying at the prestigious college of California will now be able to opt for a course titled All Too Well and be provided and worked on a bottomless analysis on the 2012 hit of the song of Swift which has been mentioned on the website of Stanford University.

The website further mentions that this unique course is part of the ITALIC 99 courses at Stanford that aims to offer scholars who have been opting for these topics an introduction by the program alumni.

The website further continues that these unique courses with the passing of each quarter and are led by students who focus on learning hand on. They have worked on topics like travel sketching, music composition, watercolor, digital art, animation, and improv acting among many more.

Not The First Time Taylor Swift Is On The Syllabus

Surprisingly Taylor Swift has been on the syllabus earlier too. Clive Davis Institute which is a part of the New York University in the month of February 2022 officially set a new course on Taylor Swift.

In Austin, Texas University last year announced the incorporation of a course in the undergraduate syllabus that was titled The Taylor Swift Songbook. This was added to the program of liberal arts honors to be studied alongside other works of literature. In the month of May 2022, Taylor Swift herself graduated from NYU after receiving a Doc in Fine Arts.