Jennifer Lawrence Gets A Role As A Hired Woman To Date A 19 Year Old

Jennifer Lawrence

Mark your calendars as No Hard Feelings would be hitting the theaters on June 23. The next role assigned to Jennifer Lawrence is of a desperate woman in need to protect her childhood house. She is desperate enough to save the house that she even consents to date a 19-year-old shy fellow for a fee.

Sony Pictures on Thursday launches the new raunchy trailer for No Hard Feelings falling into the comedy genre. The trailer stars the 32-year-old Jennifer Lawrence as an Uber driver struggling and lands up accepting a request made online by two parents played by Laura Benanti and Matthew Broderick to see their boy Percy played by Andrew Barth Feldman.

Jennifer Lawrence As Maddie in No Hard Feelings

The trailer depicts Jennifer Lawrence as Maddie who is desperate and accepts the offer made by some parents who offer her an exchange. They would help her with a car that would help her Uber profession going which would come with another opportunity to save her childhood house which is on the brink of losing after the death of her mother.

Dating the 19-year-old Percy was challenging for Maddie. In the trailer, we witness  Percy initially perceiving the efforts made by Maddie as an attempt to kidnap him and struggling really hard to accept an invitation to skinny dipping in an attempt made by Maddie to know Percy better.

In the latter half of the trailer, we see Percy has been gaining more confidence because of Maddie’s presence and she also admits to her pals that Percy, though a younger lad, is really very sweet. Maddie also offers him good adulthood advice. The trailer is full of comic elements where Percy is trying to act like an adult and failing miserably.