Notwithstanding A Writers’ Strike, “House Of The Dragon” Is Going To Film Season 2

House of the Dragon

Viewers of House of the Dragon are advised not to anticipate any postponements in the reigning conflict. Regardless of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) calling for a strike, it is anticipated that shooting for the upcoming second season of the prequel of Game of Thrones will go on in the UK. According to the news source, the writings have been completed at this time followed by the production remains in process.

An inquiry for comments from PEOPLE was not immediately answered by HBO representatives. Max’s adaptation of Fire & Blood by writer George R.R. Martin, titled House of the Dragon, was a huge success. In August, it was extended early for season 2.

For the second season, additional actors such as Harry Collett, Phoebe Campbell, Bethany Antonia, Phia Saban, Matthew Needham, and Jefferson Hall, will be joining Ewan Mitchell, Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, Eve Best, Fabien Frankel, Steve Toussaint, Tom Glynn-Carney, Rhys Ifans and Sonoya Mizuno.

News Related to House Of The Dragon And Other Productions

Last month, England’s Leavesden Studios started filming the first season of Max’s own television series-House Of the Dragon. It’s unclear exactly what the season 2 narrative will be about or how soon it will start airing again.

A labor disagreement between the AMPTP and WGA is the cause of the WGA strikes, affecting many productions but not House of the Dragon. Reruns are being broadcast during late-night programming breaks. Additionally, HBO will stop producing Real Time with Bill Maher and This Week Tonight with John Oliver. The regular show on Comedy Central, which has been without a host because of Trevor Noah’s departure in December 2022, is also taking a sabbatical.

Other programs, such as House of the Dragon, will continue to air notwithstanding the strike. The View on ABC will carry on with no authors to keep things “slicked up,” as stated by the host alongside Whoopi Goldberg.