How to Recover banned Instagram Account

How to Recover banned Instagram Account
How to Recover banned Instagram Account

For those of you looking for the best resources to restore your Instagram account, you’re in the right place.

Let’s start with Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live Chat
Facebook Live Chat

If you have an Instagram or Facebook business account this is where you can chat with support.
This was my job. We will always help best we can but we do not have access to Instagram options.The only thing we can do submit everything you send us to Instagram internal team or you can ask to speak to a manager and he can possibly expedite your issue.
Chat is open 24/7 Monday – Sunday.
After your Facebook live chat Support  you may receive a call as well from a 650 number. Some reps call if they actually want to help or you can request a call. 5
Appeal an Intellectual Property Report

Intellectual Property Report
Intellectual Property Report

This form is very important if your account was disabled due to IP violation. Here you can appeal the decision. It will be sent to Copyright support team.
This is usually your best bet to get your account back but it usually takes 7-14 days.
You should receive an email back after you submit this form asking for more information.

instagram Appeal form
instagram Appeal form

Standard Business Appeal form

This is a regular business appeal form.
It will be sent to Instagram Support team.
Usually takes about 3-5 days.

When filling out these forms try not to appeal more than once until you get an answer back.
Appealing more than once will reset your position in the queue.

Below are email address of Instagrams manager we would report to.

[email protected] – Policy Manager
[email protected] – Support for Business Partners
[email protected] – IP Team at Instagram
[email protected] – Security Team at Instagram
[email protected] – Facebook Support Manager
[email protected] & [email protected] – Front Desk

Account deleted?

For those if you that have had your account deleted.
It isn’t really deleted… Instagram does not delete the account fully it is just archived in the system.
To reinstate your account you must contact a Instagram product manager or an engineer.
The process must be done manually, regular Instagram support staff does not have access to these tools.

Best way to get in contact with an Instagram manager is to purchase a premium account on LinkedIn and message them directly.

Most staff email address at Instagram and Facebook are just the persons first and last name or That could work as well.