Ice-T And Wife Stroller-Shamed For Their Parenting


Ice-T and his wife’s parenting skills are being questioned by the critics but they’re asking them to have a little bit of perspective.

Ice-T And Coco Austin Slam The Door On Their Haters’ Faces

Ice-T’s better half, Coco Austin, shared several family pictures from a Bahamian vacation over the weekend along with their 6-year-old daughter, Chanel, who appeared in a stroller in one of the images posted on Twitter and Instagram. The social media moral policing began when a few of the followers of Ice-T’s wife Coco quickly pointed out that Chanel was far too big and too old to be in a stroller.

Coco Austin in her tweet wrote that the world loves to criticize everything she does. She brought up the horrendous shootings in America, implying that people should focus on much more relevant matters in life. She adds that the stroller thing trending right about her using a stroller to push Chanel around is completely ridiculous, while a war and mass shootings are going on as they speak but people are more interested in messing with her mothering somehow.

Ice-T also shook his head at the backlash ensuring media coverage tweeting that these netizens have nothing else to talk about other than who is using a stroller. Although the couple has been on the bad books of the so-called online parenting “experts” during last summer when a breastfeeding debate broke out after Coco said Chanel liked her boob. The Former playboy model defended her child saying that the girl liked breastfeeding because it gave her comfort and it is soothing her to sleep, it is nothing like she gets milk from it. 

Ice-T tweeted expressing his anger that why are all these people worried about HIS daughter. He just finds it very weird and doesn’t want these online pundits to interfere in their personal family life.