Victoria Villaroel Conquered Instagram With A Charming Photo

Victoria Villaroel

Victoria Villaroel has clearly established herself as a fashion influencer in recent years, and she wants to enforce her trends through her bikini line.

It is why she is constantly on the lookout for a location where she may flaunt her own apparel in the heat and on the beach. She recently shared with her Instagram followers how she unwinds with her family while surrounded by water and sunshine. She photographed herself in front of the mirror, wearing a yellow mini bikini with turquoise embellishments, and stole the sighs of more than one person.

Victoria Villaroel Is Living Her Best Life

Victoria Villaroel’s matching pants were equally revealing. They had a waistband a few inches below her navel, which served to emphasize her flat stomach. The waistline was made out of delicate threads that clung to her voluptuous hips and petite waist. Victoria wore her hair straight in the front with a center part and loose braids. She looked to be makeup-free, and her freckles made her look perfect and gorgeous. She just wore a necklace as an accessory.

Victoria Villaroel also sent a video of herself posing on a yacht’s side deck. She rested her back on the handrail, taking up the light. She was also shown swimming in the water and drinking wine in a plush white robe in other episodes of the series. Sofia, her boyfriend, and a few pals were also in attendance. The young Venezuelan who rose to prominence in the fashion industry as Kylie Jenner‘s assistant has launched her own clothing line with the help and backing of her sister. Victoria and Sofa Villaroel decided to make their own bikinis, which are reminiscent of a petite model and a Caribbean style but became a trend among celebrities.