Ice-T Devastated After Co-Star Richard Belzer’s Death


During 15 seasons of “Law & Order: SVU,” Ice-T costarred with Richard Belzer, and in a new podcast, the rapper-turned-actor talked about the loss of his friend and longtime co-star.

Ice-T said that after a joyful week that included celebrating his 65th birthday, performing at the Grammys, and receiving a plaque on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he learned about Belzer’s passing at the age of 78. On the first episode of “Ice-Daily T’s Game,” he said, “After that amazing week, coming off the honor ceremony, I celebrated with all my pals in L.A. — ‘Ice, you returned a star back to the ghetto!’ — it was a great night.”

Ice-T Is Crushed

He said, “Woke up, Belzer passed away.” And I was simply heartbroken by it. He added that Belzer’s passing was a sobering reminder of how short life is.

After that, I coined a saying that said, “Whenever you are having a wonderful time, genuinely enjoy it. Do not feel bad about partying or enjoying that moment since agony is certain to follow, he said. He said, “That is unfortunate, but true.” Life’s suffering is unavoidable. There will be casualties for us. People will become ill. Happiness is uncommon. While I am glad right now, I am talking about that sometimes-guilty period when you are just joyful and having a good time.

Enjoy that time to the fullest since suffering will soon follow. Save such times for later. He claims that Ice’s knowledge derives from “licks” he has received throughout his life, and he offers this advice: “Everything you have experienced — it is never a loss. There is always a lesson.”