JoJo Siwa Says She Is Proud She Came Out: Speaks Of Adults Lauding Her Decision

JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa

It took three social media posts for JoJo Siwa to stun millions of her followers. But she also gained many more when she alluded to being a member of the LGBTQ community. She recounts that she also stunned the music industry which did not take the news well.

The EW digital cover girl says she was aware much earlier that she was never “straight,” but the actual revelation in 2021 was unexpected. She told herself for a long time that if she had to come out with it, she would do it.

No one except family and close friends knew that JoJo Siwa was gay, let alone in a gay relationship. She recalls having thought that once the news was out on TikTok, they were going to oust her.

Jojo Siwa Told Company Executives That She Wasn’t Going To Hide The Truth From Her Fans

She says that even though she shared her all with the world, she told her girlfriend that she would prefer to wait till they were 100% ready as there was no going back after that. Her girlfriend Kylie Prew told her that she was fully ready. And sure enough, when the news was out, people went crazy. And among the millions of supportive voices, some did not receive well news of her coming out.

The company she worked with called for an immediate meeting. The company president was negative about the whole affair and asked her what she would reveal to her young followers. She paused for a moment, taken aback. And then she remembers telling him, “the truth.”

The executive was too stunned to speak and JoJo Siwa says he rolled back his eyes. Even as silence ensued in the room, she continued that she was not going to hide the truth from anyone, especially from the next generation.